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Boston - $151K violation of federal pesticide laws Irvine CA - $137K unregistered and misbranded pesticides Los Angeles CA - $210K unsubstantiated claims & unregistered pesticide
Highly recommended

“Our company has used KRK Consulting LLC service for close to 6 years and we have found them to be knowledgeable, easy to understand, and straight to the point. They have helped us on various EPA registration projects and they have gone through smoothly with his help. We have tried other regulatory services throughout the years but turned out that none of them is as competent while with a reasonable rate, so KRK Consulting LLC remains to be our main EPA consultant. I was able to learn a lot about EPA regulations throughout the years working with them. I highly recommend KRK Consulting LLC for their consultation services!”

Glad we found you

“Thanks again for resolving our EPA final determination review with the Office of Pesticide Programs in Washington DC. Your level of competence for the past 2 1/2 years in presenting our case to the EPA and the CA DPR regulatory agency resulted in our product being the first one of its kind in the adjuvants/water modifiers category for the pool chemical industry. We are glad we found your services and look forward to working with you for all our future State and Federal regulatory registration needs.”

They really helped us

“KRK Consulting LLC understood the special needs we had for registering exempt 25b natural pesticides with the states. Even though the EPA doesn’t require registration, many, but not all states do. They really helped us develop a great, easy way to register and keep registered with all the states that require 25 b registration.”

Very Knowledgeable

“I highly recommend KRK Consulting LLC. They are very knowledgeable about the EPA and its procedures. They also are always willing to help in any possible way in order to achieve the best results in a short timeframe. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with KRK Consulting LLC during the past year.”

Extremely easy & efficient

“Being new to the whole EPA registration process, KRK Consulting LLC made the process extremely easy & efficient from beginning to end. I felt comfortable from day one & that has never changed throughout the entire process. I will be using their services for every new EPA product in the future & I know it will be handled perfectly every time.”

Very satisfied

“I used the services of KRK consulting for a pesticide registration and was very satisfied with the results. What seemed for me a very daunting and almost impossible task was handled with ease by KRK Consulting LLC. I would recommend their services.”

Highly recommended

“I highly recommend KRK Consulting for their help in gaining EPA approval for a new hospital disinfectant product. We had not worked with EPA previously. They helped guide us through the product testing requirements and introduced us to some qualified test labs. After successful testing, they filed the proper EPA forms. He followed up with the EPA examiners in order to gain EPA approval in a timely manner.”

Smooth and painless

“PRO TECH International would highly recommend the services of KRK consulting for any work or registrations needed to be obtained from the EPA , either at Federal or State level. KRK consulting did an excellent job in obtaining our Biocide registration and also or manufacturing establishment registration for both the USA and our international location, the whole operation was smooth and painless and Kevin took care of all our needs, KRK were always contactable either by phone or email and responded to questions or concerns in a timely and professional manner.”

Clients since 2011

“KRK Consulting has been assisting our company with the registration of our drain care chemicals with state and federal agencies since 2011. We have received prompt service and knowledgeable advice from KRK. I would highly recommend KRK Consulting to anyone needing this kind of assistance.”

Very responsive

“KRK Consulting LLC has been great to work with. I am a small start-up company and I knew nothing or how the EPA requirements even worked. KRK Consulting LLC has made the process very simple for me so that I can get on with my business. They have acquired several new registrations for me, and transferred several for me, with very little problem and at a very reasonable cost. Kevin and his staff are very responsive to all my needs and answer any questions I may have. I would highly recommend them for your business and needs.”

Will always refer

“Best and most professional firm I have dealt with, international client work is especially difficult sometimes but KRK Consulting LLC was really helpful in interaction and responsiveness, will always refer and deal with again and again, Thank you and job well done!!”

Prompt and efficient

“I have worked with KRK Consulting LLC for over one year on several regulatory issues including pesticide label writing and submission to EPA. Their work always has been prompt and efficient and our communication exchanges have been rapid and focused. These are characteristics I look for since an integral aspect of consulting is accuracy and speed, especially in dealing with state and federal agencies. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial working relationship.”

You will be very satisfied

“KRK Consulting LLC has been a great asset to our business. We had no knowledge of the regulatory world, yet we had a wonderful product we wanted to bring to market. Unfortunately, the technology was based in the U.K. and there were many hurdles in getting the necessary information from the producing company. KRK Consulting was willing to spend many hours on the phone with our contact there explaining exactly what was needed and then sifted through volumes of material they sent to us in order to satisfy the EPA. Once submitted, we received our registration in a timely manner and KRK Consulting has handled all our state registrations without a problem. You will be very satisfied with their professionalism and ability to get the job done.”

Valuable resource

“KRK Consulting LLC has been a valuable resource to us as we navigated the many waters that are prevalent when applying for an EPA registration. In the two years that he has worked with us, his expertise was paramount in receiving a critical registration with numerous claims without a problem. He has assisted us with the re-registration process for one of our components that was key to maintaining our registrations without any significant expenditure own our part. We continue to use his council and influence to maintain a healthy relationship with the EPA.”

Extremely helpful for us

“KRK Consulting LLC was very timely in regards to report review and recommendations. Our deadlines were very limited and KRK Consulting was able to adjust and meet deadlines. The quality of the review and final report was very good. Many in-depth recommendations were given that far exceeded what was required. Overall they did a very good job. KRK Consulting was very responsive to changes in review times and gave many suggestions to improve the overall condition report. As a result, the final condition report was extremely helpful for us.”

Strongly recommended

“I would strongly recommend KRK Consulting LLC for your EPA requirements. We have found them to be professional, fair and very responsive to our needs. We are a large company with many products and we attempted to handle regulatory matters ourselves, but found ourselves in hot water with the EPA on several occasions. We then took on a new product that we knew would be watched closely by the EPA, so we wanted to be sure that everything would be handled properly. We employed the services of KRK Consulting LLC over two years ago and we are very satisfied with the results. They advised us on proper labeling and have done our state registrations without any issues. In addition, they handled a re-registration with our product that involved difficult negotiations with the EPA, but allowed us to maintain our claims with minimal changes. And more recently, we have used them to register a new product with the EPA that was done efficiently and with minimal expense.”

Excellent service

“KRK Consulting has provided us excellent service in filing multiple new product registrations with the EPA, as well as revisions and support on issued EPA registrations and state pesticide registrations. KRK’s president, Kevin Kutcel, is very responsive, sensitive to expenses and is a pleasure to work with.”

Extensive knowledge

“My team and I have worked very closely with KRK Consulting towards obtaining EPA approval for a new product we have developed. Our main contact has been Kevin Kutcel and he has been more than helpful. Our product, being something new to the EPA has required a lot of guidance. The fact that this is also a new area for our company has also been a challenge for us. We did not know how to even start the process, Kevin has been on point in supporting us and guiding us through the startup of the process. One of the most important qualities that Kevin has provided to us is his extensive knowledge of the EPA itself. With his guidance we have been able to put together the required package of data for submittal. His response time has been almost immediate to our needs. He has been very responsive to our needs and has educated my entire team on the complexities of applying for EPA approval. We have been more than pleased with his response time and his very competitive pricing. We have spent many hours on phone calls and have exchanged many emails. All of them have contributed to increasing our understanding of what we needed to do for the process. He is always on time with no delays. I would highly recommend KRK Consulting to anyone needing to work with the EPA and their dedication to our project has been more than commendable.”

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