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Atlanta - $905K - Alleged violations of FIFRABoston - $151K - Violation of federal pesticide lawsIrvine CA - $137K - Unregistered and misbranded pesticidesLos Angeles CA - $210K - Unsubstantiated claims / unregistered pesticideSan Francisco CA - $199K - Selling unregistered and misbranded disinfectant wipes

Pesticide Devices

(Exempt from EPA Registration)
Pesticide Devices are those that control pests through a physical or mechanical means and that do not contain a substance or mixture of substance intended to have a pesticidal effect. This includes but is not limited to products that use filters, UV light or electricity. The EPA includes a list of examples that it considers to be Pesticide Devices here.
Products that qualify as a Pesticide Device are exempt from registration with the EPA but are still regulated. These products must be manufactured in a facility that has an EPA Establishment Number, and the product label cannot include any false or misleading claims. This means that you must have data to substantiate any pesticidal claims that are made about the product.
While registration is not required with US EPA, several states require that Pesticide Devices be registered before they can be legally sold in the state.


EPA Establishment


Pesticide Device
Label Review


State Registration of
Pesticide Device


plus fee charged by the state

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