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How much will my registration cost and how long will it take? These are the two most common questions KRK Consulting LLC is asked. We understand that these two questions are vital to know if you want proceed with your project. Every registration is unique and many questions must be answered before KRK Consulting LLC can tell you the cost involved and the length of time required. For only $497, KRK Consulting LLC will evaluate your project and prepare a formal report that can tell you exactly how much your registration will cost and how long it will take. The charge is $747 if your proposed registration includes an active ingredient not registered with the EPA. The first step is to download and complete an one page questionnaire and within 14 days KRK Consulting LLC will have the report prepared for you. Please click here to download the questionnaire and then fax to 440-398-0476 and KRK Consulting LLC will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.

Before you even can do anything with the US EPA, you must have a company number. If you do not have one, KRK Consulting LLC can obtain a company number for you for only $97. Once you have a company number, you can then do several things with the EPA. You can obtain an establishment number which will enable you to package your EPA registered products. Or you can become a distributor with your own brand name and company name on the label. Below are the prices for each. Please contact KRK Consulting LLC to discuss what you would like to do and someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


EPA Company Number only $97
EPA Establishment Number only $197
EPA Distributor Product $247

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