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State Registrations


Have it done for you

KRK Consulting LLC will register your product in any state, except CA, for only $97 per state! California and New York are $497 each. (Filing fees not included - spreadsheet showing filing fees for all 50 states available upon request.

If you request all 50 states, the additional cost for CA and NY will be waived and KRK Consulting LLC will only charge a total of $4,850 (filing fees not included).

Click below to request total amount to file in all 50 states or specific states due to changing state fees.

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Do it yourself

Purchase CD containing everything you need to register your product in all 50 states. Includes the application for each state, the application instructions and the contact information. Also included is the instructions to register your products on-line with the states that allow such registrations.

$500 value (only $10 per state)

Unlimited coaching calls for 1 month to KRK Consulting LLC to answer any questions you have regarding the registration process for any state.

$1000 value

Additional Bonus!
Listing of all 50 states and the applicable fees for each state so you can determine which states you might want to focus on first.

Only $497.00

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25(b) Products

There are 38 states which require a registration for your 25(b) exempt product, but which states are they? This CD will give the list of the 38 states requiring registration and the applications and instructions so that your product can be registered in each of the states.

1 hours free coaching by KRK Consulting LLC to assist you with any questions you have regarding the registration of your product in any of the 38 states ($250 value)

25(b) Package for all 38 states

ONLY $397.00
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