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Importing Pesticides Into The USA

It is illegal to import a pesticide into the USA, even if it is registered with the EPA and labeled properly, without submitting the proper documentation to the EPA before the material arrives at the port. This includes both containers and even small laboratory samples. This documentation must be sent to the proper EPA regional office and then once signed, it must be presented to US Customs with the Bill of Lading for the material. Many companies are not aware of this requirement and are fined by the US EPA for improperly importing the pesticide. Please click here to see several examples of companies being fined for improperly importing pesticides. Each of these fines are unfortunate as the procedure is routine and if the pesticide is labeled properly, permission to import can be obtained easily. KRK Consulting LLC will handle this process for your company which includes the completion of the proper forms, the filing with the EPA regional office and working with your US customs broker to make sure the proper paperwork is provided to US customs. The fee for this entire process is $197 which includes several overnight delivery envelopes required for this process. This simple payment will take much hassle away from your office and the unnecessary fear of an EPA representative showing up at your office in the future. Please pay below and KRK Consulting LLC will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your shipment or contact KRK Consulting LLC if you prefer another payment method or have additional questions.

Importing Pesticides   $197

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